Love, Insha’Allah

Love, Insha’Allah

I absolutely love this website. This is the accompanying website to a wonderful book, also called Love, Insha’Allah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women. This book is a compilation of essays written by Muslim women about their love lives. And unlike what one may expect (though that would be based on stereotypes) the stories are very diverse. There are stories from both straight and lesbian Muslim women as well as married women, single women, dating women, religious women, and not as religious women. Our community has for too long shied away from having these conversations and, personally, I believe that is hurting our younger generations. This website, and the book, are opening up a great conversation in an inclusive and safe way, making it easy for people with all types of experiences to share and not feel judged or condemned. And that is VERY important.

I especially love their advice posts. They have two advice givers, one woman and one man, who are very empathetic, inclusive, and non-judgmental. Again, exactly what we need. 

Please give it a read and share with others, especially young Muslims. They also have a Facebook page


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