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More on sex shame

More on sex shame

Another very interesting piece on sex shame. What’s interesting is the intersection with race and racism. Intersectionality is always at play.

Through my sex writing, one of my goals has been to become a sex cheerleader for Latinas like me. I know so many women still trying to unpack all of their cultural baggage, women who can’t have sex without being stung with guilt. Maybe our mothers and grandmothers couldn’t, but we can exist outside the binaries now. We don’t have to let the world decide who we will be. Call me romantic, call me sentimental, but I think we can wage revolution with our bodies.

On sex shame

On sex shame

An interesting article on sex shame – something related (though not the same) as what I’ve been researching for the past year and some – sex guilt.

A new blog encourages women to share stories about their sexuality in hopes of making sex better for everyone