Wrapping up my internship

I’m currently working on wrapping up my internship by completing my final report. This report has given me time to reflect back on this past busy year and my conclusion is definitely that it was an amazing year! This past year I had the privilege of being the coordinator for the Peer Support Centre at the University of Windsor. This year was its first year so I was actually tasked with developing the centre as well as getting it off the ground and going. I also did a small evaluation of the centre (the most one can do with a centre only open for 3 months). As I said, it was a busy year, but probably one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my graduate career. I was able to apply all that I’ve learned doing my Applied Social Psychology degree and help to support students on campus. And I had the opportunity to work with some amazing volunteers!

The Peer Support Centre is a drop-in peer counselling service on campus, staffed by trained student volunteers for the use of university students of all backgrounds. It’s a wonderful service for students on campus and will be a great benefit for the well-being, and mental health, of university students.

For more information please check out their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter or Tumblr, or email them at psc@uwindsor.ca.



Welcome to my new blog. In the course of doing my doctoral research on the sexual health of Muslims, I had numerous individuals ask me if I had a website or blog through which they could follow my research. Although, the amount of information regarding my research that I can share will be limited, I thought a blog would be a great place to share either my research, or other information related to my interests in mental and sexual health, especially the sexual and mental health of Muslims and South Asians.